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surgery-centerCHECK-IN:  You will be greeted by a patient care coordinator who will help you with the registration process.  We will verify that we have your personal & insurance information correct.  Please bring your PHOTO ID and current INSURANCE CARD(S) as these are required for your identity protection and they will be scanned into your medical record.  If you were contacted regarding a COST SHARE ESTIMATE payment, please bring that payment with you at the time of surgery (see payment policy).  When your paperwork is complete, the receptionist will have you take a seat in our lobby while your Pre-Op nurse is notified.


PRE-OP:  Your Pre-Op nurse will bring you back to one of the admitting desks. Here your vital signs will be taken and you will be asked a series of questions regarding when you last ate and drank, which medications you took, any allergies you might have, who will be giving you a ride home, and who will be staying with you for 24 hours after your surgery. Your Pre-Op nurse will ensure that your consent is complete before verifying that it is signed by you and your doctor.

Your Pre-Op nurse will then escort you to the private Pre-Op waiting area. You will be instructed to change into a hospital gown and be given a bag for your clothes and belongings. Your Pre-Op nurse will start an IV, give any required medications, and ensure that you are prepped appropriately for surgery.

Before you are escorted to the operating room, you will be seen by your surgeon and the anesthesiologist. They will answer any questions you have and explain how they will take care of you during surgery.


OR: You will then be greeted by your OR nurse and asked many of the same questions again to verify your information. Your safety is our top priority and we want to ensure all aspects of your surgery align. Your OR nurse will then walk you back to the operating room.  Although you will be awake when you enter the OR, you may have received medication while in the Pre-Op area which will make you drowsy.

The operating room lighting is bright and the room may feel a bit cool.  Your surgical team will be wearing gowns, masks and head and foot coverings.  Once you are on the operating room bed, your OR nurses will complete the surgery preparation and connect you to a variety of monitoring devices.  Once you are safely under anesthesia, your surgery will be performed.


RECOVERY (PACU): When your surgery is completed your OR nurse and your anesthesiologist will escort you to the recovery room via a stretcher. Your PACU nurse will immediately connect you to monitoring equipment, perform an assessment, and receive a report about you from the anesthesiologist.

In the recovery room your pain and/or nausea will be treated and managed. We will provide you with something to drink and eat. When you are stable, your escort home may come to your bedside to visit with you while you recover. We will provide verbal and written copies of your discharge instructions to you and your escort home. Your prescriptions will be called into the pharmacy as allowed or you will be provided a written prescription to fill. When you are ready to discharge home, we will remove your IV, you may dress and we will escort you via wheelchair to your escort’s car.


AT HOME:  If you experience any life threatening emergencies after surgery please dial 911. Any other non-emergent concerns should be directed to your surgeon’s office. Pacific Rim Surgery Center is also here to help answer any questions you might have during our business hours.